5 Fall Cleaning and Homekeeping Tips to Keep Your Family Content

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It’s not a particularly popular subject for many Cincinnati residents, but it’s one that needs addressing. Leaves are changing, temperatures have begun fall, and school is back in session. That’s right, fall is bearing down on us. Which means that, just like with your spring cleaning, it’s time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter.

Here are 5 cleaning and housekeeping tips to get your home ready for longer nights and colder weather.

Cozy Up the Place

Bring out your winter linens and blankets that you washed and put away in the spring. Switch out all of your cotton bed cover for a heavier duvet. Change out throws on the backs of furniture to fleece and other cozy fabrics. Make your living areas as inviting and warm as possible.

Dusting Makes Perfect

No doubt this summer was filled with many relaxing days (and nights) outside and away from your normal living areas. So it’s likely that dust has found its way back into your home. Wipe off ceiling fans that have been running all summer, and clean off baseboards and wood floors. Break out your handy vacuum attachment and go to work on those blinds and curtains.

Treat Your Windows

If you’re like many people, you probably change out your curtains for warmer weather. This practice should also be reversed. Update window treatments to heavier fabrics more suited to blocking winter air and drafts. The stylish homeowner may want to choose a color palette that matches autumn’s brilliance.

Raid the Closet

Go through your closet and take out all of the winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots that you previously squirreled away. Inspect them for damage and dirt, decide if any of them need replaced or mended, and clean offending spots and odors as necessary. Now you have room to put all of your summer clothes away until next year!

Deep Clean!

Before you know it, the holidays will be a few weeks away. So get in all of your deep cleaning before time runs out. Mop, scrub the bathroom, clean the upholstery, wash pillows, and so on. Work, school, and kids getting in the way? Call our professional maid service. Home cleaning services like the ones we offer are designed to alleviate the stress of cleaning your home when time may not allow it.

Need help getting your home ready for fall? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help take the stress out of all of your home cleaning needs.

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