Our Maid Cleaning Service is the Best!

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Ever think about hiring a maid cleaning service? There are so many great benefits that come along with doing so! Getting started with our services will help you to keep your home so clean, you will forget what it is like to live in a messy home.

What benefits will our services provide for your home?:gc maids logo2 300x67 Our Maid Cleaning Service is the Best!

Impress Your Friends:

With our great cleaning services, you can be certain that the cleanliness of your home will leave guests impressed! Not only will they be impressed, but they will feel comfortable, as well. A clean home is one that is inviting, welcoming, and comfortable to be in.

Custom Cleaning:

At Greater Cincinnati Maids, Inc., we know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for residential and janitorial. That’s why we don’t have a “standard” cleaning package. We take pride in customizing our services to meet the needs of each customer. We’re adaptable, and we’ll make sure we get it right every time.

Our Cleaning Crew:

The 16 maids at Greater Cincinnati Maids Inc are all professional, reliable, courteous, and friendly. We not only ensure that all our employees are thoroughly trained, we screen our maids and check references, only selecting the most qualified applicants. In addition to careful screening, selecting and training of trustworthy employees, security is enhanced by our policies and insurance. Our Cincinnati maid service is bonded insured and covered by Workmans’ Comp for house cleaning service and janitorial services.

Save Yourself Some Time:

With our maid services, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about cleaning your floors, dusting, getting all the little corners and cracks in your home clean. Instead, you can focus on other important things around the house, spend more time with family, and feel much more stress free.

Certified Professionals:

All the professionals who make their way out to your home will have the proper certification that makes them highly qualified for the job, which then, in turn, ensures the most high-quality cleaning of your home.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us. We can help you to get started with our services so that you can begin enjoying all the great benefits that come along with it.

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