5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

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It’s time for fall cleaning. Fall is what many consider to be the beginning of the “cozy” season. Everyone decides they would much rather just stay at home around this time,  instead of heading out into the cooler weather. With this in mind, we’ve got some tips and pointers for you to consider in your home before heading into those chilly winter months– just in time for you and your family to want to spend more time inside your home!

1. Carbon Monoxide and Fire Detectors

When you’re doing your fall cleaning, be sure to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you don’t already have both of these in your home, you need to change that. Carbon monoxide detectors are incredibly important and are often are overlooked. Anything ranging from gas furnaces, vehicles, gas water heaters, gas line leaks, space heaters, generators, and so much more puts you at potential risk of carbon monoxide exposure, which can be deadly. Additionally, having fire alarms in your home is equally important. Fire alarms can give you an early warning to prevent a tragic loss of possessions and potentially people that you love. Why take the risk? 

fire alarm 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

2. Rotating or Flipping Your Mattress

This one might strike you as unnecessary, but I promise, it’s not! Opting to rotate or flip your mattress not only makes you feel much more comfortable but also ensures that you get a better night’s sleep. Depending on the mattress, however, some are one-sided and don’t require flipping. If the mattress is one-sided, you can rotate it instead! Additionally, flipping or rotating your mattress can prove to be beneficial for the alignment of your spine and neck. If you’re hoping to avoid scheduling an extra appointment with the chiropractor, consider flipping that old mattress.

mattress 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

3. Clean Out the Gutters on Your House

Remember the outside of the home may need some T.L.C. too! When performing your fall cleaning tasks, make sure the gutters on your house are free and clear of leaves and other debris. Especially heading into the winter months. If the gutters become too clogged, it becomes difficult for rainwater and melted snow to properly drain. Having debris-filled gutters can lead to water damage on your roof or in your home. This could result in a leaky roof and costing you a lot of money… way more money than you’ll spend on getting the gutters cleaned out!

gutters 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

4. Declutter Your Space

We all get a little too busy during the summer to keep track of the “junk” we’ve been gathering over time. Having a cluttered living space is one surefire way to make yourself and others feel overwhelmed. Instead of letting that clutter build, consider getting rid of (or even donating) some things that you no longer need. Donate old clothes, toys, or household items that are still in decent condition to local shelters, the American Red Cross, Veterans of America, and so many other organizations that help people in need. 

messy 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

5. Dust the Ceiling Fan

Another good tip for fall cleaning is to clean the ceiling fan. They’re high up on your ceilings so, out of sight, out of mind, right? Even so, it’s a guarantee that the ceiling fan of yours has been collecting dust the entire summer, regardless of having it on or off. Letting your ceiling fan go untouched will result in the buildup of dust and dirt that will be spread around the room when it comes time for you to turn it back on again. Some people choose a long-handled duster to reach the blades, while others choose to use a vacuum. If you would prefer to use a vacuum, making sure that you have an extendable handle with a dusting attachment would be helpful to minimize the amount of effort required (and to minimize the mess you make). After cleaning your ceiling fan, be sure to vacuum the floor beneath it to ensure that you didn’t leave any extra mess behind!

fan 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

6. Clean Out Your Coffee Maker

What can a damp environment such as a classic coffee pot or a Keurig become prone to? That’s right– mold. Keurigs retains a lot of moisture. They are prone to mold, bacteria, and calcification. In addition to the assumed soap and water trick to clean them out, try running some vinegar through the machine, as well. Vinegar helps decalcify and reduce any mineral buildup that your machine has seen over the past couple of months. This way your coffee maker will be all cleaned up and ready to go for the upcoming cold weather and common cold season!

coffee 5 Tips For Fall Cleaning

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