House Cleaning Tips for your Refrigerator

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No matter how careful you are, things are bound to get spilled inside your refrigerator and cause messes. Not only that, but the coils in your refrigerator can also accumulate dust and greatly limit its efficiency.

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A thorough cleaning is needed to keep your refrigerator in tip top shape, and here are some house cleaning tips that will keep this appliance sparkling.

#1. Remove everything

To really clean your refrigerator, you’ll need for it to be empty. Take everything out and sit it on the counter in order to open up your space. While you’re at it, take a few moments to get rid of things that have expired. Then take out the drawers and shelves so that you are left with nothing but the shell.

#2. Wipe everything down inside and out

Use a solution of dish soap and water to wipe down the top, sides, and bottom of your refrigerator both inside and out. Once this is done, wash your bins and shelves with warm soapy water to ensure they are completely clean as well.

#3. Clean the coils

Vacuum the coils on the bottom and back of your refrigerator with a soft brush attachment to get rid of dust and cobwebs. This should actually be done on a monthly basis, even if you deep clean your refrigerator less frequently. Keeping coils clean will prolong the life of your refrigerator and allow it to operate more efficiently.

#4. Reassemble and organize

After everything is dry, you can replace your shelves and bins. Once everything is back in place, begin organizing your food items neatly so they are easy to find. It can be a good idea to label the different sections so that others know where to put things as well.

Deep cleaning a refrigerator is a necessary, but time-consuming chore. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your usual household chores and don’t have time for cleaning projects such as this one, contact us for help.

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