Household Tips for Keeping Vacation Knick Knacks Looking Fabulous

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Purchasing souvenirs (or finding your own!) during summer vacation is something that many Greater Cincinnati residents love to do. Finding the right knick knacks is the easy part. Figuring out how to display and keep them looking fabulous is a bit more challenging, which might make you want to hide away the keepsakes after the excitement of the trip wears off. That’s why we wanted to pass along our proven household tips for keeping displays looking fabulous:

Do consider grouping similar or related items together. Taking such actions will add visual interest and help tell the story of your family’s summer travels. Some people swear by odd number groupings and others prefer to keep it “even Steven.” So feel free to experiment and see which type of grouping works best for your home.

Don’t overload the display area’s shelves. It’s always a good idea to leave enough space for all of the knick knacks to be seen completely. Plus, leaving ample space will make it easier to dust the area when the time comes to spruce up your place.

Do make sure that you choose household cleaners that are compatible with the knick knacks’ materials. For example, it’s best to avoid abrasive cleansers when cleaning glass souvenirs and bypass the dye-laden ones when washing porous figurines. Otherwise, the souvenirs’ surfaces could end up permanently damaged by the cleansers’ ingredients.

Don’t forget to periodically deep clean your knick knacks. Sure, dusting helps. But it won’t get the glazed ceramic figurines, glass items and china truly sparkling. For that, you’ll need to wash the souvenirs and air dry them. In addition, doing so will make deep cleaning the display area much easier.

At Greater Cincinnati Maids, we have experience in cleaning delicate knick knacks and other beloved household items. In fact, we have 30 years experience cleaning every nook and cranny of houses all over Cincinnati.  So you always can feel confident in leaving all of the housework to us, please contact us today to get a quote or to ask any questions you might have.

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