Organization Tips to Help you Declutter Your Home

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becki owens organization tip bathroom makeup2 300x200 Organization Tips to Help you Declutter Your HomeHave you looked around your home lately and realized you need to do something about all of the “stuff” that is lying around! You are not the only one. De-cluttering can help clear the space in your home and in your head. De-cluttering can also assist it helping to keep your home cleaner and running smoother. Looking around and realizing you have some work to do and not knowing exactly where to start can sometimes just cause us to walk away and try and ignore it. There are some easy steps to help start de-cluttering your home.

These organization tips can help you de-clutter your home quickly, so that you can get back to enjoying your free time. Start with two boxes one for things that just need to be thrown away and another box to take to goodwill or thrift store.

  • To the Kitchen – Sort through your cupboards and pantry and put anything you don’t use anymore into your boxes. Organize your pantry and throw away any old food. Group your foods together so they are easy to find, for example, all cereals and breakfast foods in one spot.
  • Onto the Bedrooms – Into the bedroom closets you go. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn or haven’t fit you in years. It is amazing to find all those clothes that you forgot about!  If you have children go through their clothes and toys at least twice a year. Make sure you get under the beds too, you always find some good treasures there.
  • Bookcases – Are you a book bug?  Bookcases are a place you don’t think about but a place that gathers books, magazines, and other objects, which you may never use again. Clean it out, dust it, and get rid of anything you are not going to read or use again.
  • Linen Closet – We all tend to hoard sheets and towels, we buy new ones and never part with the old ones.  Now is the time. Get rid of any linen with holes, stains, or that may be just plain worn out. Now take a look around are there still things lying around the home that don’t have a place.  You may need to go out and purchase baskets or plastic tubs to help store things in an organized and visually appealing manor.

Don’t forget to take your box to goodwill, though you may not need all of the things you have just put in the box, others might, throw out the box with things that are worn, beyond repair, or you feel nobody else would want.

De-cluttering is a time investment, but once it is done you will find that you get your time back and you will feel a lot less stressed. If you are looking for help cleaning your home, contact us at Greater Cincinnati Maids, we can help you keep your home clean, so that you have more time to relax and enjoy life.


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