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The days are growing shorter, the air is getting crisp, and the earthy tones of orange, red, yellow, and brown are painting Cincinnati with a palette of autumn colors. In this flurry of fall leaves and inclement weather, it’s no wonder people are constantly looking for green cleaning tips and tricks for their homes. The holidays are on their way, and you know what that means: BIG celebrations and even bigger messes.

Whether preparing for theses festivities, cleaning up the aftermath, or simply maintaining your home in between, check out these quick tips for green cleaning:

1. White Vinegar & Baking Soda

Most household cleaners can be eliminated and replaced with vinegar or baking soda based equivalents. Mix either with water and a little lemon for easy, all-purpose cleansers to use throughout the house. Making these products at home ensures that you aren’t spending excess dollars, and that you aren’t exposing yourself, your family, or the rest of the world to harsh and unnecessary chemicals.

2. Socks Only

Kick your shoes off at the door to make sure all dirt, grime, and germs don’t end up inside your home. Leaving shoes at the entryway means tracking in less dirt, equating to less clean-up for you. No special cleansers necessary here.

3. Clothesline Laundry

Rather than wasting the energy a dryer exerts to speed up an already-organic process, let nature take its course. You don’t need to go outside and put up a clothesline, but hanging your clothes to dry keeps them  in good shape and your energy bill low. If you don’t have the space outside (or the will to trek out there for every load), consider installing a mini-line in the basement, or check out retractable clotheslines!

4. Fresh Air

It might seem a little cliché, but maintaining good air quality at home can have a great impact on your health and on your bills. If you can bear it as the temperature drops, try to keep your windows open for good ventilation while you clean up. Dust gets kicked up, sprays are misted through the air, and these nasty particles will end up in your lungs.


Give the bad stuff a way to escape. During the warmer months, keep your windows open to increase air circulation rather than using air cooling units. This will help keep your body healthy and wallet happy.

Bonus: Try bringing some indoor-suitable plants home for natural air filters!

5. No More Paper

Cutting paper products like paper towels from your shopping list can save you money while effectively lessening the amount of waste your household produces. Paper is convenient, but consider recycling old clothes, blankets, or towels to make reusable cleaning cloths.

A little know-how and slight sacrifices can go a long way, especially when it means going green. However, if a few green solutions just aren’t enough to tackle the mayhem of fall, contact us for a free house cleaning estimate today by calling (513) 871-6243!

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