Tips for Putting an End to Grimy Grout

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fotolia 216498432 subscription monthly m 768x512 300x200 Tips for Putting an End to Grimy GroutPick up any interior home design magazine and you’re likely to find pictures of stunning tile and sparkling grout. What the pictures don’t convey is what homeowners must do in order to keep everything looking so immaculate. After all, tile and grout are notorious for getting dirty and fading fast. That said, here’s a look at why that happens and our Greater Cincinnati maid service’s tips for putting an end to grimy grout:

The reasoning behind tile and grout rapidly becoming battered has to do with their inherent porosity. Since they are so porous, they tend to soak up everything they come in contact with regularly. Once that happens, they become favorable grounds for all sorts of things. Among them are moisture-loving fungi, artificial colorings, not so pleasant fragrances, bacteria, and germs. Those nasty things are not so easy to get rid of either. That’s because, in addition to being absorbent, tile and grout are prone to developing surface damage. For example, an acidic cleaner and hard-bristled brush may cause surfaces to sustain scratches, cracks, chips, and etching. Other cleaners may merely mask the underlying problems or leave damage-causing, unsightly residue behind. Therefore, our maid service staff recommends cleaning grout and tile regularly to reduce damage.

Cleaning tile and grout often is not the only measure Greater Cincinnati families may take to keep the problems at bay. We’d also suggest talking to a professional about having the surface periodically coated with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, water and stain-resistant sealant. Doing so should help repel the bulk of everyday grime from doing permanent damage.

To learn more about effectively putting the kibosh on grimy kitchen and bathroom grout, please contact us. Contact our maid service’s grout and tile cleaning experts online or by calling our Beechmont Avenue location.

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