Spring Cleaning in Winter: 9 Pro Tips for Deep-Cleaning Your Home in Winter

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Are you preparing for the cleaning that you need to do during the winter?

Winter cleaning is an important part of preparing your home for one of the toughest periods of the year. But sometimes, you won’t have an idea of how to do it efficiently. If you don’t, you’ll likely feel too unmotivated to do it, and it will carry over until Spring.

Don’t feel hopeless yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about some tips and tricks for cleaning your house. That way, you’ll get more things done and relax later. Read on and find out more:

1. Replace Air Filters and Clean the Furnace

Regardless of your HVAC system size, you must remember to change your HVAC filters every three months at least. This ensures that your home’s air will stay as clean as possible. After replacing them, use hot water and soap solution to soak your dusty ventilation covers.

Take note, filters pull the dust particles out of your home’s air. This will make a cleaner, healthier atmosphere, safely breathable by your family. Also, this ensures that your floors and furniture is free from dust, keeping your home attractive.

2. Clean the Coils of Your Refrigerator

Your electric bill rises by $5-$10 each month because of your dirty refrigerator coils. The good news is that it’s easy to clean since all you need is to unplug your fridge and look at the back or bottom of the unit. Here, you’ll find the coils, and this indicates you might have to take out the refrigerator to access the coils.

While here, vacuum right behind the refrigerator before you put it back in its place. To brush away the dirt and dust, use either a condenser coil brush or a specific vacuum attachment. For stubborn debris, use a damp rag to get rid of it.

3. Remove Clutter

With more junk lying in your house, dust will become more prevalent since it has more places to settle. To prevent this, go to all your rooms and see whether it needs decluttering before the winter. As a general rule, if your item hasn’t seen use within three months, you’re unlikely to need it.

A good practice is to put it into storage, either in your basement or attic. Otherwise, donate the items to local thrift stores or other charities.

4. Empty the Dryer Vents

Dryer vents might have a lint buildup if left uncleaned for too long. This poses a major fire hazard, especially when your winter months are dry. That’s why you must pull out the dryer from the wall and disconnect the back pipe.

Once done, clean both the outlet hole and the pipe. To ensure the cleaning is thorough, use either a vacuum or a specialized dryer vent snake since it removes the lint from the vents. After getting rid of the dust, flush loose lint using the dryer.

5. Deep Clean the Kitchen

Wiping the kitchen counters is a fairly common practice. But ask yourself this: when was the last time you cleaned your drawers and cabinets? The good news is that winter is the best time for you to clean your kitchen.

Take all your drawers and cabinets out and give them a thorough wiping using winter cleaning products. It’s especially when you’re using special cutlery for occasions like winter season parties. Always give some effort to get rid of unwanted clutter on your kitchen space while cleaning grime from your backsplash and kickboards.

6. Steam Carpets and Couches

If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you’re getting rid of visible dirt. The bad news is that this quick method won’t always do the trick. That’s why whenever possible, buy a steam cleaner since it makes your cushions, carpets, and couches feel more refreshed.

Older carpets tend to have serious deep-cleaning issues, often because of pet odors and stains. When this happens, your best bet is to hire a professional cleaner. It’s because they have exclusive access to intensive carpet shampooing treatments.

7. Clean Windows

Your rooms are gloomier if you have grimy windows since they block the light. This isn’t a great way to spend your winter, especially when you already have the blues. To start, scrub both sides of your windows since it makes your home brighter.

Whenever you can, avoid using chemical-heavy cleaners and use all-natural window washing solutions instead. Never stop with the windows and pay attention to its attachments, like curtains and valences. It’s because they’re likely dusty when neglected, posing as a health risk to people with allergies.

Also, remember that window treatments use delicate, expensive materials. If you don’t take care of these, they’ll end up getting ruined. To avoid this, use either dry cleaning or ask for professional help.

8. Flush the Sink Drains

During winter, a small inconvenience like clogged pipes becomes a major problem. If your pipes drain improperly, they can freeze and burst. This will result in water damage, leading you to pay for costly repairs.

Use white vinegar or baking soda if you want a safe, nontoxic method of softening pipe debris. To remove the smell, mix some lemon juice and wash it down with hot water.

Do you need more tips for cleaning your house? If so, check out our guide and learn how to keep your home tidy.

9. Degrease the Oven

Depending on your oven, it might have a self-cleaning function that removes grease and burnt ingredients. It’s tempting to let the oven do it while you do your other chores, but stay for the entire cycle.

The reason is that self-cleaning oven cycles use intense heat. This burns off leftover food, meaning it’s going to make a lot of smoke. This can cause your fire alarms to activate, disturbing your home.

Do Some Winter Cleaning Today!

These are some things you can do to ensure your winter cleaning is smooth and efficient. If you want to make the most out of it, get a professional to do it for you instead.

Do you need professionals to clean your house? If so, contact us and let’s work together.

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